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Running Dog Art Foundry is set in the heart of beautiful North Devon. Dinsdale Petch is the founder and artist.

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Dinsdale Petch

Dinsdale Petch specialises in hot casting exquisite creations in bronze.

About Dinsdale Petch

1972 • Dinsdale was born and grew up with his sister Rachel on the family's rare breed farm, Heal Farm in Kingsnympton, North Devon.

Metal crafting is a theme that runs throughout Dinsdale's ancestry. From a long line of Exmoor blacksmiths, his great grandfather on his mother's side was involved in the famous overland launch of the Lynmouth lifeboat at Porlock. His paternal grandfather was an ingenious engineer who excelled during World War Two in keeping armament factories running throughout the blitz.

As far back as the 11th century, a Petch ancestor is described as a 'cunning artificer'.

1990 • Dinsdale left school and spent a year travelling. He met a travelling blacksmith and felt completely at home with the forge and hammers.

"It was as though all my ancestors were instructing me in the craft."

Dinsdale meets his future wife Jane and they settle in North Devon establishing a small forge. He is kept busy with commissions, restoration work and inventing ingenious gadgets.

1995 • Dinsdale trains with Dave Bray an antique metal ware specialist and restorer in Bideford. After Dave's retirement Dinsdale continues to restore a huge variety of copper, silver, pewter, lead and ironwork and antiques incorporating horn, tortoiseshell and ivory. His variety of skills and inventiveness means he is in constant demand by antique dealers, museum curators, private collectors and historic building conservators like the National Trust.

The small workshop was limiting and Dinsdale was keen to expand the possibilities of his craft with proper metal casting facilities and in 1999 Running Dog Art Foundry was purpose built by Dinsdale in the grounds of his home.

From here Dinsdale creates his popular series of life cast bronze nuts and limited edition mini sculptures.

In 2008 at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate, Dinsdale wins the Giftware Association Award for Excellence. His work was recognised for its expert craftsmanship and desirability and Dinsdale's Nut Cluster is shortlisted for Gift of the Year.

Dinsdale uses his years of experience to undertake prestigious commissions from:

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Dinsdale Petch - Pouring the bronze