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Story of a Bronze

The Story of a Dinsdale Petch Bronze

The 'pattern' or the original piece to be copied can be of virtually any subject (artist's original sculpture, a piece of fruit, an old sculpture, a key, metalwork from a piece of furniture - whatever). We can work from virtually any original material - provided it is possible to make a rubber mould from it.

Take a tour of the foundry and follow the bronze casting process.

  1. We Start With the Original 'Pattern'
  2. A Rubber Moulding is Made
  3. Making the Wax Copy and the Wax Tree
  4. Ceramic Shell
  5. Dewaxing
  6. Melting the Bronze
  7. Removing the Shell
  8. Finishing the Bronze
  9. Patinating the Bronze
Dinsdale Petch - Pouring the bronze