Solid Bronze Lychee

Spiky fruit translates superbly into bronze which is why it has made our collection. We think it is especially stunning in mirror polished finish.



The lychee fruit is infamous for its ephemerality. Not only is its growing season short, but once ripe need to be eaten within 2 days. I came across this story how the lychee contributed to the downfall of Emperor Xuanzong. In the 8th century the Tang empire enjoyed unparalleled prosperity until the Emperor fell in love with his son’s wife Yang. He gave his son a new wife in exchange then devoted himself to lavishing Yang with gifts & attending to her every whim. Her love of fresh lychee was such that he established a relay of horses to provide her with fresh lychee from across the kingdom. As such he ignored affairs of state & incurred the discord of the people & allowed his enemies to gather power.

  • Weight 115g
  • Dimensions 34x29mm

Additional information


Bright Polish, Chestnut Brown

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