Solid Bronze Horse Chestnut

We have fun with this one making it this realistic. A super glossy gorgeous chestnut patina with sandblasted lighter trademark ‘patch’.



Autumn is synonymous with the magic of seeing the horse chestnut’s green spiky seed casing split open to reveal the beautiful brown conker inside. Conkers or Kingers is a traditional children’s game played by 2 players each with a conker threaded on to a piece of string. They take turns in striking each other’s conker until one breaks. Since 2000 many schools in the UK have banned the game over safety fears but adults flock to take part in the annual World Championships. You are sure to be a champion with our solid bronze conker, but it would not be allowed. Conkers are mildly poisonous for humans & dogs & must not be eaten. Many people believe that leaving horse chestnuts around their house will deter spiders from moving in. / Weight 102g / Dimensions 30x20mm

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Chestnut Brown

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