Solid Bronze Pine Cone



Pine Cone

Fabulous festive gift. A beautiful accompaniment to a nut bowl.

Deeply satisfying plaything & decoration. Pine cones were used as symbols of fertility in ancient Assyrian art. Celts trying to conceive would place a pine cone under the pillow as a fertility charm. Ancient Romans also associated pine cones with Venus, Goddess of love and fertility. The Pineal Gland in our brain is named after the pine cone because of its shape. It governs our body’s perception of light, as well as our wake/sleep patterns The Pineal Gland is long considered our biological “third eye” and “the epicenter of enlightenment.” This may explain why pine cones have been exalted in religious imagery for thousands of years.

  • 29x20mm
  • 42g

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Bright Polish, Chestnut Brown

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